Land Stewardship for Sustainability

We can’t get to net zero without extracting minerals from the ground. We need critical minerals like lithium and cobalt for wind turbines, EV batteries and electricity grids.

Satarla works with companies around the world helping them develop and implement responsible mining practices, benefiting people and the environment by putting sustainability at the heart if their decision making.

Mining doesn’t have to be an obstacle to net zero when sustainability has a seat in the board room. When decisions are collaborative, when companies become responsible stewards of the land, mining becomes part of the solution.

About Satarla

Satarla is a global network of trainers, consultants and researchers who provide bespoke risk management training, consulting and research, and support organisations to make practical risk-based decisions.

The company has a team of over 100 consultants based around the world, and provides expertise to clients across sectors including mining, life sciences, energy, agriculture, healthcare, education, sport, financial services, charities and government.

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