About Material Change: Resourcing Net Zero

Material Change: Resourcing Net Zero is a digital series exploring the essential role of the materials, minerals and mining communities in addressing the climate crisis and achieving net zero targets. 

Through a combination of interviews, podcasts, short films and a documentary, the suite of content shines a light on progress across exploration and extraction, processing and application, and recycling, repurposing and reuse. 

It features stories from inspirational organisations and individuals working throughout the materials cycle, whose expertise is being deployed in the pursuit of a low carbon, resource efficient society.   

The series reveals next generation material solutions supporting climate change mitigation and low carbon technologies, and explores the industry’s commitment to decarbonisation – reducing the carbon footprints of what are vitally important products to the economy.  

Raising awareness of the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry in meeting net zero targets, the series addresses the support needed through funding and policy frameworks, and champions excellence in collaboration, research and skills development. 

About IOM3

The Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3) is the global network for the materials cycle, promoting sustainability and greater circularity in the extraction, processing and use of natural resources.   

About Content With Purpose

Content With Purpose (CWP) is a strategic content creator that works in partnership with leading member bodies and associations; engaging professionals on their industries’ contribution to solving the climate and ecological crisis.