Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter 

Moulding the Next Generation 

Mining is critical to achieving a more sustainable future. Replacing Britain’s 31.5 million petrol and diesel vehicles with electric alternatives will take twice the current annual world production of cobalt, and a year’s production of neodymium.  

We need to extract these critical minerals responsibly and sustainably to reach our net zero ambitions. 

Camborne School of Mines (CSM) is training the future leaders of the mining industry. Students are taught responsible and sustainable mining practices, from mine reclamation to carbon capture.  

About Camborne School of Mines

Camborne School of Mines is a combined geoscience and mining department.  

CSM takes interdisciplinary research and education in fundamental and applied aspects of geoscience and georesources, helping to address environmental challenges such as the energy transition away from fossil fuels.  

CSM courses range from geology and environmental geoscience, through to mining engineering and mineral processing. 

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