Solving Energy Challenges Through Advance Materials Research

The planet’s carbon budget is finite and running out. Transitioning to net-zero will require a transformation the world has never seen before.  Over the next decade and beyond, the demand for low carbon energy is expected to grow significantly. To meet this demand, we need to develop a fundamental understanding of the challenges and opportunities in key low carbon energy areas such as hydrogen.

Collaboration is a key enabler to developing this understanding. bp-ICAM, a partnership between leading universities, academics, and bp, brings together science and industry to tackle these challenges. Using hydrogen as an example, bp-ICAM projects are focusing on potential solutions to key issues in the area such as, finding alternatives to critical raw materials, more efficient catalysts, and lower temperature conversion.

bp-ICAM projects are researching transformative low-carbon technologies with the potential for greener, scalable solutions to help bring us a step closer to net zero.

About bp-ICAM

bp-ICAM is an international centre of excellence in advanced materials research. 

The centre is a partnership between bp and selected globally leading universities to enable the effective application of advanced materials for the transition to net zero. 

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