Henry Royce Institute

Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Society

Switching to renewable energy will only address 55% of global emissions. To reach net zero goals, we must also radically change how we make, use, remake and reuse products and materials.

Circularity and net zero ambitions are intertwined with development of advanced materials. Royce works to increase the circularity and energy efficient processing of materials like plastics and metals.

Facilitating the creation of new products that are better for the environment and prevent waste, and bringing together world recognised excellence in advanced materials from across the UK and industry collaboration.

Opening up new greener opportunities for UK business that benefit society and advance our journey to net zero.

About the Henry Royce Institute

Royce is the UK’s national institute for advanced materials research and innovation. With its Hub at The University of Manchester, Royce is a partnership of nine leading institutions – the universities of Cambridge, Imperial College London, Liverpool, Leeds, Oxford, Sheffield; and the National Nuclear Laboratory, and UKAEA.

The Institute undertakes research in materials science to accelerate the commercialisation of materials research for economic and societal benefit, and provides training for the next generation of materials scientists and engineers to tackle global challenges.

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