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Manufacturing Sustainability

Every year thousands of metres of plastic rope are introduced into the ocean to protect the subsea infrastructure of wind farms, like subsea cables. Plastic pollution is having a severe effect on marine life, and as microplastics are consumed by fish and plankton, it is passed up the food chain to us.  

A new rope made of completely natural materials has been developed by ARC Marine and the National Composites Centre. It could replace the plastic rope currently used. It also provides an 88% saving of CO2 emissions in its production, which could help the UK reach its net zero targets. 

The National Composites Centre is empowering British companies to develop world leading advanced materials, delivering over 500 projects every year, and supporting over 200 micro, small and medium sized organisations. 

About the National Composites Centre

Part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, the National Composites Centre (NCC) was created as the UK’s Centre of Excellence for Composites Research and Development following the inclusion of this disruptive technology into government industrial strategy.  

The centre specialises in the design and digitally optimised manufacture of sustainable composites and facilitates their widespread industrial exploitation. 

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