British Glass

Reframing the Future for Glass

UK homes generate 15% of total UK CO2 emissions. If all buildings used high efficiency glazing, we could reduce that energy consumption by 32%.

That is just one of the ways glass can help us be more sustainable. 

British Glass is driving change and innovation in the UK glass industry. It wants 90% of container glass to be recycled by 2030 and advances the use of glass in green solutions, like high-tech glass fibre in wind turbines and lightweight vehicles.  

British Glass and the glass industry have set out a strategy to achieve net zero by 2050, and works with UK businesses to harness the sector’s expertise to promote the role of glass in our green future. 

About British Glass

British Glass is the UK trade association for the glass industry and represents more than 70 organisations.  

British Glass communicates the glass sector’s value and interests nationally and internationally, and fosters innovation and collaboration to secure a sustainable future for glass. 

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